Great service and products. Very knowledgeable staff.

Bob White

Great job! Efficient and friendly.


Great service and products. They were able to change our delivery schedule to better work for us. Very friendly and professional. Delivered within time frame. Highly recommend.

Kim K.

Had Sam and his crew excavate the backyard to put in a 4ft fieldstone wall. They put together a wall that not only emphasized the size and color of each boulder but was super tight. We are extremely happy with the finish project. Highly recommended.

Gerry H.

After the surprise of a fallen 50 foot pine tree from a recent storm, we called Sam Hamilton to take the tree away along with another 50 foot pine tree behind it. He was there within a few days and completely removed the trees as well as cleaned up the area. We asked his advice regarding replacement with a deciduous tree. His recommendation for a tree and area was appealing to us and we asked him to move forward and try to find us a large tree along with several large boulders for the design. The completed area looks spectacular with an eight inch diameter, 25 foot red maple, and 3 very large boulders, 30 perennials, aluminum edging, and brown mulch. Sam and his team are professional, courteous, and artistic in their designs. Additionally, we found them to be very responsive and true to their word. We have had people stop to look at the finished work and call us to tell us how wonderful it looks. We are actually happy our pine trees were lost due to the storm!

Connie D.

We recently purchased two large (> 15 ft) River Birch tree clumps from Hamilton Landscape Supply and Nursery.
One of the clumps was to be planted in a location which is difficult to access. Sam assured us they could get anywhere to plant - and they did. The slope they maneuvered down was very steep.
They knew exactly what they were doing:
- [ ] they arrived just when they said they would
- [ ] they were careful about other trees and shrubs in the area
- [ ] they wanted our opinions as to where best to plant the trees and how to orient them
- [ ] they left us with tips on how to care for the trees.
We were very pleased with Sam and his assistant Dakota and the work they did.
We highly recommend Hamilton Landscape to anyone needing landscape services.

Bob & Vicki B.